Fuck Off Amazon!

Let's kick Amazon tower out of Berlin

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Next events and actions

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday in the month - 3pm - ANti-Amazon-Café

Kalabalik (reichenberger Str. 63a)

Next meeting: saturday 8th. February 2020

Past events and actions

20. June, 14:00-18:00: Info-Table Berlin vs. Amazon with Screen-printing and flyers

Warschauer Str. / Revalier Str., near to Tram stop.

No-amazon-Meet-up at "Kiezpalaver" @ Vétomat - Wednesday 26th Feb, 6 - 8pm

Kiezpalaver is a regular meeting for people who want to exchange on the issues of our neighbourhoods, who want to network and brainstorm together. afterswards there will be Küfa and drinks

Vetomat, wühlisch str. 42 Fhain

"Hochhäuser im Südkiez" @ RAW, Beamtenwohnhaus- Thursday 27th Feb, 7 pm

Some ppl will share the information they know about the plans concerning the “EDGE Tower”. There will be input about Amazon company in general and the plans of the investor/owner of the RAW Fhain.Come by. RAW Gelände, Beamtenwohnhaus (first house when u come from Warschauer Str) Temporaum

Demo "Save your Kiez, Fight Amazon!" - Sa. 22. Feb, 2pm @ Frankfurter Tor

Save your Kiez – Fight amazon Demonstration für eine gemeinsame Zukunft

Boom Gegen Amazon / Boom Against Amazon - Fri. 07 Feb. 18h

Warschauer/Revaler str.

Bring eine Boombox, Ghettoblaster oder Instrumente mit deiner Rede, Musik oder Krach gegen Amazon!

Friday/Freitag 07 Feb. 2020 - 18h+


22nd January 202 - Vetomat

Screen Printing against Amazon at Vetomat (wühlischstr. 42)

saturday 11th. january 2020 - 3pm - ANti-Amazon-Café

Kalabalik (reichenberger Str. 63a)


ANTI-AMAZON-CAFE : face2face *(Description see below) 15 Uhr - Kalabal!k (Reichenbergerstr. 63a)

WEDNESDAY 18.12. & FRIDAY 20. 12.

SCREEN PRINTING & preparing for creative actions AGAINST AMAZON both dates 6 - 11 pm at Vétomat

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