Fuck Off Amazon!

Let's kick Amazon tower out of Berlin

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Workers exploitation


Amazon's Influence

Amazon's enormous size gives company power to influence markets and politics. While it is actually a monopoly but is not regulated as monopoly should be.

Cooperation with opressive structures

Intentionally slows down shipping for customers without "Prime" subscription

No Cash

Amazon Go stores do not accept cash as payment method - customer surveillance

Amazon Kindle

  • Tells Amazon when user reads E-Book that dis not come from Amazon

Consumer rights

  Amazon closes customers' accounts, which implies confiscating their money, if they return too many defective products: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/mar/18/banned-by-amazon-returning-faulty-goods-blocked-credit-balance

Support of state censoship


  • Amazon Echo Software Updates policy allows company to convert smart speeakers into full-time listening device at any moment
  • Amazon always require customers to identify themselves
  • Delivery drones have cameras and apply computer vision to detect people

Tax avoidance

Support of far-right and neo-nazi structures

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