Fuck Off Amazon!

Let's kick Amazon tower out of Berlin

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Next events and actions

Demo "Save your Kiez, Fight Amazon!" - Sa. 22. Feb, 2pm @ Frankfurter Tor

Save your Kiez – Fight amazon Demonstration für eine gemeinsame Zukunft

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday in the month - 3pm - ANti-Amazon-Café

Kalabalik (reichenberger Str. 63a)

Next meeting: saturday 8th. February 2020

Boom Gegen Amazon / Boom Against Amazon - Fri. 07 Feb. 18h

Warschauer/Revaler str.

Bring eine Boombox, Ghettoblaster oder Instrumente mit deiner Rede, Musik oder Krach gegen Amazon!

Friday/Freitag 07 Feb. 2020 - 18h+


Past events and actions

22nd January 202 - Vetomat

Screen Printing against Amazon at Vetomat (wühlischstr. 42)

saturday 11th. january 2020 - 3pm - ANti-Amazon-Café

Kalabalik (reichenberger Str. 63a)


ANTI-AMAZON-CAFE : face2face *(Description see below) 15 Uhr - Kalabal!k (Reichenbergerstr. 63a)

WEDNESDAY 18.12. & FRIDAY 20. 12.

SCREEN PRINTING & preparing for creative actions AGAINST AMAZON both dates 6 - 11 pm at Vétomat

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