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Amazon is hiring in Berlin

  • Whom are they looking for?
  • What sort of projects are they developing?
  • Impact of the projects
  • Who are Amazon strategical partners in Berlin/Germany?

Amazon has posted over 400 Job positions for location Berlin in LinkedIn


Amazon is expanding in Germany and EU in following directions:

Amazon is hiring in Berlin for projects related to AI, ML, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Amazon Web Services cloud, IoT:

Amazon works in partnership with local concerns as well:

Looks like company is trying to lock in as much as possible European companies to its cloud solutions during ongoing Digital Transformation.

Jobs and Projects

This table is not complete yet!

Position Project Description, keywords
Software development EngineerAmazon SageMakerML instrument
Software development Engineermachine translation solutions for Amazon online storemachine translation
Neptune Senior Software EngineerAmazon Neptunegraph database, data mining, AWS
Machine learning scientistML, deep learning, forecasting
Solutions ArchitectCloud solutions, cloud migration, AWS
software development managerAmazon Neptune
Software development EngineerAmazon SageMaker, AWSML, cloud
Manager of Machine LearningML, NLP, Alexa/Echo
Software development EngineerML, AWS tools
Manager, Software DeveloperCommunity shopping team
software development managerAWS Commerce Platform TeamAWS, Cloud
Data ScientistAWS ML TeamDL/ML
Software development EngineerTranslation Engine
Data Scientistrecommendation, search, fraud detectionDL/ML
Software development Engineer TestingUser interface testingAWS UI
Software development ManagerSearch, Navigationshopping
Software development EngineerAWS Console PlatformAWS Cloud
ML Scientisttime series, forecasting, anomality detectionML
Software development EngineerAmazon MusicML
Applied ScientistAI LabAI, ML
Software development EngineerAWS BillingAWS Cloud
Software development EngineerCommunity shopping team
Machine learning InternshipML, AWSML, AWS cloud
Software development EngineerFire TVFireTV devices
Software development EngineerAWS IoT Volkswagen Digital Production PlatformManufacturing and logistics optimization, Industrial IoT
Software development EngineerAmazon Search
Product ManagerAWS Code CommitSource Control, Cloud, Development
Software development EngineerAmazon Redshift SpectrumCloud, BigData
Solutions ArchitectEarly startupsAWS Cloud
Applied ScientistMLML
ML InternshipAWS AI Platform
Software development EngineerRedshift SpatialData Analysis/Mining
Computer Vision Applied ScientistPrime Video, Prime Photos, Robotics, Amazon Fresh
Applied Scientist, RoboticsRobotics AIsimulation, ML, robotics, CV
ML Engineer
SAP Global Solutions Architectintegrationautomation, analytics, BigData, Mobile, IoT, AI, ML
Applied Scientist CVRobotics AI
Robotics SW EngineerRobotics AI Team
Solutions Architect Financial ServicesAWS Cloud Migration
AWS IoT Factory Floor & EdgeManufacturing and logistics optimization, Industrial IoT
Alexa Everywherespeech recognition, services
Vietnam Community Shopping EventHiring for Berlin
AWS Developer productivity
ML InternshipCore AI
Design and construction managerFulfillment Centers
ML Scientistmachine translation solutions for Amazon online storeMT, ML, NLP
IoT specialist partner solutions architectIoT, AWS
AWS Sourcing recruiter
Robotics Deployment Engineer
Security & Infrastructure Practice ManagerAWS Cloud
Research Science InternshipML
AWS Developer productivity
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